March 7, 2014

Turley on Great Day Live

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to bring you up to date with what’s happening in my career. Things are really starting to click and I should be off and running very soon.

I just performed on WHAS TV here in Louisville for the Great Day Live and my speaking engagement agent is very excited about using it along with my appearance on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show. For the complete story you can visit WHAS website here.

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He’s going to be booking me on a Keynote speaking tour and along with my talking, I will sing for everyone as well.

My book ‘BlindSighted’ should be out in the very near future and I’m really jazzed about it.

I’m back to producing again and hoping to get hooked up with some bands and or singers and producing a top professional product for them.

I’m still cooking with my vocal and songwriting lessons and things are starting to really pick up.

If any of you are wanting to become a much better singer and or songwriter then, I promise you that I can help.

If you’re looking to have a great CD (album) and you want it to compete with what’s out there then, by all means, spend the extra money to have it done by a professional like me. Over 60,000 hours of studio behind me and I know what’s the correct way to do it.

Thanks and all of you have a great year.

Turley Richards.

September 5, 2012

New Photos Loaded

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Check these out!

New Photos

August 16, 2012

Music, books & singing.

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Wow! So much is coming soon, I’m totally excited.

I was on the phone again with my ghost writer and we’re getting closer to finishing my life story (BlindSighted) He’s interviewing people that knew me both as a sighted person and a blind person plus, all the ones that have known me since I went blind in 1969-1971. Lots of stories and lots of pain remembering so many things as a child when the accident happened.

I’m also, getting 3 CDs ready to put up for sale on my website: I’ll be giving away a song every couple of weeks and there will be some hidden bonus tracks that will bring a smile to a lot of my fans and friends.

I’ll be selling the book via electronic downloads using all the companies that sell books this way. I’m totally hoping for Amazon to work a deal with me. If we move a lot of product, I will then, approach the big publishing companies hoping for a deal.

If we get lucky and get it published, a dear friend of mine who is a big time screen play writer wants to write the screen play and we will try to sell it to the HBO, showtime type of networks. Keep fingers crossed for me.

I’m still being a vocal coach for a lot of local singers and always searching for the next star. I’ve got a few here in Louisville and will work hard to get them ready for a record deal.

Singing out a little to keep up my chops and would love to come to you for a concert in your town or city. I love to do Corpret parties and lectures on how to stay positive and to never give up. My book will have this theme throughout it.

My mom is the angel that made me so strong and when I join her in heaven someday, I want to make her so proud of me.

I’m still being a father always there for my 2 kids (Adam & amber) and now basking in the sunshine from the adorable voice of my 2 year old grand-daughter Zoey Grace. My my! What a bundle God sent to us. “I love you Zoey” Of course, I love Adam and amber and a wonderful son in law Brian.

Off too find the gorgeous new lady that I’m seeking and I just know she’s right around the corner. I sure hope she can drive. Hahahaha

Blessings to all.

Turley Richards
Facebook, youtube myspace and
502 452-9011 I sure miss Andy and Barney.

July 21, 2012

My music soon to be available.

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Hi everyone all over the world.  It’s been a few weeks since my last blog.


Some really cool things are going to be happening very soon. 


I’m going to put my 3 CDs up for sale at my website  You will be able to use paypal for the transactions and download 1 song at a time or the whole CD or all 3 CDs. 


I’ll be giving away a free song about every 3 or 4 weeks.  Plus, there will be samples of the songs for you to check out. 


I do believe that this will be away for us to become friends via my sight.  This will be linked to facebook and myspace and over as much of the internet possible.  I might even put a song here and there on and I’ll do like all the artist are doing today and I’ll lipsinc in my video.  How funny.  LOL 


Also, it’s in the works for me to do at least 2 blogs per month, where I will sit in front of my camera with my guitar and I’ll talk my blog and sing a song or 2.  This will bring me even closer to prospective friends and fans.  


I’m still working hard on my book (BlindSighted) and the ghost writer and I feel that we should be finished by the end of September or mid-October.  Then we will be looking for a major publisher and if and when that happens, I have a majorly successful screen play writer in Hollywood that wants to do the movie and we will target HBO etc.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. 


Well! It’s about that time to hang it up and I’ll be back at you very soon. 


I’m going into a new venture that will have me promoting health and exercise.  A business that is starting to flourish around the world.  Maybe, it will be something that some of you might want to check out through the Turleymon. 


Blessings and don’t take any wooden nickles.  Hahahaha