• Come With Me
  • Daddy's On A Roll Again
  • I Need Love
  • I'm Goin' Home
  • OMG
  • Pain
  • Secret To The Key
  • Tell Me What's Going On
  • The American Dream
  • What's Happened To Our World

Brand New: 2 CD Anthology Released!

The Man In Me

In the words of the great Eta James, “at last!” This has been a monster project to create-sifting through all of my unreleased recordings to choose what I wanted to present to you, would be a tough task for someone sighted. It’s made even more difficult for me as my “filing system” is to listen and listen and listen again. And then I started writing again a few months ago and decided to record three new songs to include. I think it will be worth the wait!

Some of these recordings were master demos and some were live performances. All have been re-mastered by Chris Greenwell at Louisville’s own Downtown Recording Studio to give you the best quality listening experience.

These songs cover 50 years of my career from 1970 to 2020. The people who contributed to this anthology are numerous and cross the country. Some are still with us, many have sadly passed, but they all touched my life in profound ways. For a complete listing, please see the credits below

CD 1 CD 2
  1. Tell Me What's Goin' On
  2. The American Dream
  3. Come With Me
  4. OMG
  5. The Man In Me
  6. What's Happened To Our World?
  7. Daddy's On A Roll Again
  8. Magical Moment
  9. To The Singer Of Song
  10. Will We Ever Hear The Truth?
  11. I Need Love
  12. Goin' Off The Rails
  13. Apple Tree Dream
  14. When I Lose My Way
  15. Circus Clown
  16. Sunshine
  1. Your Town
  2. I'm So Tired Of Being Lazy
  3. Nothin' To Hide
  4. I'm Goin' Home
  5. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  6. Victim Of Circumstance
  7. The Calliope Calamity
  8. Secret To The Key
  9. Mystical Journey
  10. Where Are The Answers?
  11. Let Me See
  12. Pain
  13. Time Is A Long Journey
  14. Ugly Trip
Special Thanks To
Studios Engineers
Downtown Recording
Record Plant
Wally Heider Studio
Quadraphonic Studio
Omni Studio
Sound Kitchen Studio
Doppler Studio
Full Sail Dream Machine
Gene Eichelberger
Peter Granite
Nick Stevens
Chris Greenwell
Bob Bullock
Bill Quinn
Gary Platt
Wayne Veach
Howie Ganoe
Drums Bass
Bob Mater
Benny Rappa
Tim Grogan
Aaron Montgomery
Rob Edwards
Mike Maple
Randy Ehrlich
Mat Thompson
Bob Ramsey (Drum Programming)
John Clay
Bob Wray
Barry Dunaway
Robert Marston
Dickie Steltenpohl
Jack Lane
Jimmy Brown
Tim Brown
Chuck Darden
Piano and Keyboards Guitars
Shane Kiester
Paul Harris
Doug Bear
Dan Haerle
Rod Wurlet
Odeen Mays
David Barrickman
Bob Ramsey (All keyboards ever invented and programming)
Me (Turley Richards) on all acoustic guitars
Kenny Greenberg
John Boin
Chuck Smith
Rocco Marshal
John Carby
Eric Whorton
Greg Foresman
Steve Hardwick
Background Singers
Muscle Shoals Singers: Cindy Richardson, Ava Aldrige & Lisa Silvers
4 ladies from the Edwin Hawkins Choir
The Numbers Band: Mat Thompson, Greg Foresman
Atlanta Singers: Sheri Henley, Benny Rappa & Doug Bear

Thanks from my heart and soul to the people that had to put up with me all these years. Nothing would have ever come together without the amazing hard work from my lovely bride: Laura, she's a true trooper. Thanks to Adam & Amber for inspiring me to write 2 of the songs in this project. Thanks to Clark Hagan for being my executive producer on 3 of these songs. He helped to light the fire back under me. Also, thanks to my webmaster: David Nuckolls (GloryKidd Technologies). He has been there to support me through all of these years while I learned a little about my computer. Many thanks to Bill Myers for constantly researching so much information that I needed out there in the world. Last but not least. Thanks to Loki for being my super Cat.