Pre-Sales Ending Soon!

Wow! My pre-sale on the BlindSighted autograph book with a 6 song CD and no shipping ends on Thursday, September 25 and I’m hoping that everyone that said they wanted the deal can get it in time. I have no control when it stops. So, if you were in the original 300 names, please do it soon.

I’m leaving on the 26th to LA with Laura and we’re getting married out there and it’s a very busy time but, very exciting as well.

When we get back, I’m hoping to start putting together all the TV and radio shows plus podcast interviews to promote the book.

I’m getting myself ready for giving some great lectures and hoping my life will have a positive reaction for people that are struggling and not able to come to grips with their lives.

If you would like to buy the book, it's simple just go to my website: and the pre-sale link is right there on the front page. Also, you can check me out on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and some other TV shows as well.

God bless and I’ll be back soon to chat with all of you soon.

~Turley Richards

Love Minus Zero

Love Minus Zero was eventually chosen to be the single from the album that was simply titled, Turley Richards. The flip side was Gone From Yesterday. Promotional copies were sent out in November of 1969 for radio airplay. The single was issued for sale after the New Year, with plans for releasing the album soon afterward. Professionally, 1970 looked as if it would be a good year, and despite the reality of blindness finally closing in on me, in many ways it would.

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Coming out of semi-retirement

I’m coming out of semi-retirement and ready to let the world hear about me once again. I sold a total of 1.4 million records and some of you are still alive like me. I have just finished and published my first book of memoirs: BlindSighted and it truly captures my life starting with my losing my left eye when I was almost 5 years old and it runs all the way through my eventually going blind in my right eye and my long successful recording career. Photo of book cover below.

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Excerpt from BlindSighted (2014)

“Are you ready, Turley?”

An empty psychologist’s office, save for the doctor and his client. They sit opposite each other, the doctor speaking in a low, measured tone. His client arrives nervous but sits back in his chair, his own voice gradually becoming calm and composed. The outer office is quiet. This is the second time the client has undergone hypnosis.

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The release of my book... Middle of June.

Yippee! I’m so excited, my life story book: BlindSighted will be released in the middle of June.This blog is to pass on a special deal for the first 200 buyers.The book comes with a 6 song CD and for the first 200, I will autograph the book and there will be no shipping & handling.

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