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February 13, 2011

South Charleston Concert Ticket Instructions.

by turley
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Hi everyone,

Only about 6 week to go and I encourage you to get your advanced tickets
real soon. History shows that sometimes people wait to long and miss out on
their tickets for a show. Since we only have 300 seat, I highly suggest
that you might want to get them now. That is, if you’re planning on coming.

I’m very excited. I just wrote a song for the evening and it’s called: It’s
So Nice To Come Back Home. Sorta pop country flavor and I think it’s a real
winner and totally from my heart. Let’s face it, music, lyrics singing n
performing are in my blood.

I’ll have my webmaster to add the simple instructions on how to purchase the
tickets at my website: www.turleyrichards.com

I’ll see you soon. God Bless.

Turley or Richard~ LOL


Here are the steps to purchasing your tickets online.

- Visit Turley’s website: http://www.turleyrichards.com
- Click on the “Tickets” link at the top of the page.
- Scroll down the page to the ticket section. The top of the page is
the information about the show.
- Fill in the short form with your Name and Email address (I need this
to email you the link to print your tickets)
- Select the quantity of each ticket package you would like. The packages are
-> General Admission
-> General Admission + CD Bonus Pack
-> Family Saver Pack
-> Family Saver Pack + CD Bonus Pack
- Now that you have selected the tickets you want to purchase, click
on the “Checkout with PayPal” button at the bottom of the form
- From the PayPal site complete your payment
- Once you have completed the payment you should be returned back to
Turley’s site where you can print out your tickets.
- Show up at the door and present your ticket, then enjoy the concert!

Please, if you have any trouble, do not hesitate to contact me. I will
be glad to assist any way that I can. You can contact GloryKidd @

(256) 361-9355


January 28, 2011

South Charleston, LaBelle Theatre April 2nd 2011

Hi all of my W Va friends. I had blogged a few weeks ago about my coming home concert in South Charleston W Va at the LaBelle Theatre on Saturday, April 2nd 2011. I can now say, I’m getting everything in order. I have Jim Snyder taking care of the production and promotion there in S. c. and my webmaster just finished putting on the final touches for purchasing advanced tickets on line. BTW. Lot’s of work involved making this happen and I am so excited about being able to show my home town what I’ve become as a concert performer. It’s totally different then singing in a bar or even out at the S c Mound. Also, Jim Snyder is a great performer as well and he will open the show up at 7:30 and I’ll go on at 8:00. Doors will open at 6:30. www.turleyrichards.com click on tickets and there’s some packages to purchase in bundle type form. I will bring the CDs to the concert and deliver them to you there. How’s that for service? LOL I’ll be doing a lot of my original songs and of course some cover songs with my arrangements. If I have a good singing crowd, I will do a long medley of 50′s & 60′s songs for all of us to have some wonderful moments of great fun. I left W Va in 1964 and my name was changed from Richard Turley to Turley Richards. I’ll tell the story how it came to past. If you can, read my shortened life story at my site and check out all the major stars that I shared the stage with. A lot of you don’t know, that I actually sold over 1.4 million records when you total all the sales. I had 3 of my records make the top 100 in the billboard magazine and did a lot of the major TV shows. I’ve been blessed with a very long music career. I lost my total sight in 1970 and thank the Lord, I was in music. I do believe the lessons I learned growing up in south Charleston with the greatest mother that anyone could ever have, taught me to be strong and keep my nose clean. I’m proud to say, through all those years being surrounded by drugs, booze and of course cigarettes, I never did any of them, maybe that’s why I didn’t become a Superstar. Hahaha!

I hope we have a packed house and I promise we will have a great night of sharing music and stories of my life in the recording business. Please tell your friends to come and enjoy the evening with me. This will be an evening for the adults. I really don’t want any small children because, I might tell a story that shouldn’t be heard by little ones. Also, little children are great concert killers, running all over the place. So, get a baby sitter and make it a night for YOU. I do encourage the teenagers, especially the ones in to music. I feel some of the stories will give them some insight on how hard it is to make it to any higher levels than local success.

As usual, Mr richards or Turley is rambling on and on. LOL so, I will stop here but, just to let you know, this will be on a rotating schedule to come out about every 3 days so, no one will miss it. I will also, be blogging as the days get closer about any kind of news that will be about the show.

I’m an adopted Louisvillian now but, my home will always be south Charleston. There you have it.


Ps. If you want to email me about anything, please do.


Get your tickets now, just in case we might sell it out. 300 is not that many so, get to it children. LOL


January 4, 2011

My Home Town concert. Yippee!

by turley
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Hi Everyone,

This is mainly for all the people here on facebook in the surrounding
Charleston W. Va. area.

I had a talk with Bob Anderson in south Charleston this morning and we’ve
agreed on me performing a concert there at the LaBelle Theatre on Saturday
night, april 2nd. Most likely 8:00 starting time, unless we get a lot of
people to come out and then, I would need to do 2 shows.

I was born at 9-11 E street and raised at 102 F street and the LaBelle is
only about 2 to 3 blocks from both of them on D street between 3rd & 4th
Ave. Talking about a wonderful nostalgic time for me. I used to go there
to see movies when I was a very little young boy and when I still had some
eye-sight. I will probably have to hold back some tears, it will be 1 of my
greatest memories of singing in my whole career and that spans 54 years.
Darn! Am I that old? Hahaha

I will be selling my 4 CDS and probably packaging them for $30 there’s 2
secular CDs and 2 christian CDS and if people just want to buy 1 of them
then, it will be $12. I would love for people to bring there cameras and
phone videos and shoot away hopefully posting them on facebook. I will talk
a lot about being raised there and some of my crazy things that happened in
New York where I lived for about 9 years.

I know that no one there has ever seen me in concert, only in a club or
outside at the Mound. I’m a very experienced concert performer & there is a
drastic difference.

I will be putting about 20 songs from my recorded albums and singles
spanning about 16 years. at a link on my website (www.turleyrichards.com)
and they will be free for you to download for 30 days. I will write a blog
to let everyone know hwen this is available.

If you would like to know more about me, go to my site and click away.
There’s a lot of info about me and my fairly successful recording career.
Read my shortened life story check out all the major stars I toured with and
shared the stage and all the major TV shows I performed on as well.

The very next night Sunday April 3rd, I will be doing another concert in New
Martinsville W. Va. This is just past Parkersburg and should be a great
night. Exciting time about to start up for me. I want to sing more this
year and I’m gonna do it for sure.

I’m thinking about getting people committed in advance for the tickets. $7
at the door and $6 in advanced. The LaBelle only holds 300 and I really
hope I can fill it up but, I don’t want to lose people because we sold out
and they can’t get in. This will be a way for me to figure out what kind of
crowd will be attending.

Also, here in Louisville, my adopted howm town, we’re working on getting a
tour bus and having people here to go up to So. Charleston for the concert
and having breakfast the next morning but, that’s in the early stages of
planning. I’ll keep you abreast of that as well.

So, I am so looking forward to this performance and I will love seeing lots
of the old friends and making new ones.

I’ll be back here very soon. If you would like to write a personal email to
me, please send it to: turley@turleyrichards.com

Catch you all later,

Turley & for my W V friends, Richard hahaha